A Room

It hadn't been Jake's room, it had been Aaron's, back when they were in high school. Jake and Aaron had been best friends since elementary, all through high school, and into college before life and studies started moving them apart. They were still friends, in a nodding, call-every-once-in-a-while, Facebook likes sort of way.

Aaron's parents were well off, and hadn't really needed Aaron's room, so it was left alone, not untouched but not really changed, for decades.

So one day when Jake and Aaron agreed to meet in their home town and Jake got there first he was invited in by Aaron's mom. When it became obvious that they had nothing to talk about he asked if he could go wait in Aaron's room. She agreed.

The room had sailed through the decades lightly touched. The CRT monitor was still on the desk, a huge beige box connected to it from under the desk. The two used office chairs were where they had left them all those years ago.

Jake sat down in the secondary one, “his” chair. For a few moments he felt heavy with the years, the two decades of joys and failures and experiences...for a few moments he felt like that skinny, awkward teenager looking at his second home from inside all those layers of gravity, wondering what had happened to him, wondering how he had become this...

But he knew how. He had regrets, but he wouldn't go back. Still, it was nice to sit here and remember what had been, and be in a place that remembered as well.