Writers! Who Are Friends! In...Space?

Writer friends! is a small, intentional community, built around creation. Our numbers are few, but that's on purpose. Everyone here should be aware, on some level, of what everyone else is doing. Feedback between users is desired, and really is the point. If you're here, you should be here to share.

This isn't just a “writer's space”, though; those are everywhere. This is a focused space, with a specific theme. This is designed to be a place where people are producing creative works of exploration and wonder.

Writer Friends is not for everyone, and that is by design. Instead of creating yet another generic, anodyne faux-social space, this is meant to be a small, dynamic space, where the ethos is built up from the personalities of the people who choose and are chosen to inhabit it. This means there's a stricter-than-normal code of conduct, and a greater sense of focus.

The Focus: Exploration and Wonder

I know it's a bit odd to set a theme for a group of writers, but I believe it can work. Fiction has power. Stories change lives. If you're interested in joining this space I have to believe that you are as convinced of that as I am. At this time, in this place, I believe there is a need for stories of triumph, for stories of heroes, and for tales of normal people who find a way to brighten the world.

To this end, Writer Friends! is a space that centers on exploring, discovering, and developing a sense of wonder. A thread of optimism should run through the stories that come out of this group.

That said, this is a suggestion, not a requirement. If you're in it's because you've convinced the group that you should be here, so we trust your judgement. As long as you are following the Code of Conduct you're free to write what and how you like.

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